How does it work?

It's super easy. Once you have signed up, you can either list items as prizes or purchase tickets to be entered into any prize draw you like.
If you decide to list a prize, you can select the prize of each ticket as well as the quantity and the duration your tickets will be available.
If you decide to purchase a ticket to enter a draw, we'll ask you a general knowledge question when you purchase a ticket.
We'll notify you by email when your payment is confirmed. And that's it!
We'll take care of all the rest. We'll notify the lucky entrant to let them know they've won and pass on your shipping details to the competition holder.
If you've listed a prize, we'll let you know when all your tickets are sold, who the winner is and where to post. After, we'll send you your money via Paypal.

Is this international?

Yes we are. We ask all competition holders to bear this mind when pricing their items as you may have to post them internationally.

Why just US dollars?

Actually, we accept all currencies. Just make your purchase as normal and Paypal will convert this from your card or Paypal balance at check out. As we're in beta, this is the quickest and most secure way to accept all currencies for us right out the box.

Why just Paypal?

For us right now it's the securest and most streamlined way not just to accept all currencies via card and Paypal balance payments, but to send money to our users too. We're working hard to accept more ways to taking and sending payments for the future.

What happens if not all my tickets are sold in the time I specified?

There's a few things we can do:
1. We can go ahead with draw and find a winner based on the tickets that are sold, and you'll be paid proportionate to the tickets actually sold.
2. Extend the time on the draw to allow more tickets to be acquired.
3. End the draw, you keep the item you listed and all entrants' fees will be returned.
We will contact you before your prize ends to find out what you want to do. If we don't hear back from you before it ends we automatically extend until you've let us know your decision

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